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Notice Regarding Contact Through website

Thank you for reaching out to Angel F. Leal Jr. P.A. Law Firm. We are honored you visited our website. Please understand that sending information to the firm, via our website, does not mean that an attorney/client relationship has been created and, therefore, no attorney/client privileges exist by visiting our website or emailing our firm. Any information and/or questions gathered from this website are not confidential. Persons that communicate to the firm are not clients of the Angel F. Leal Jr. P.A. Law Firm until the firm and client have signed a legal services agreement with the firm. By clicking the Accept button, you are accepting the previous statements and agreeing to proceed.

* You need to click the 'Accept' checkbox before you can complete your payment submission.

Legal Consultation

Hours Consultation:

  • US Eastern Time
  • Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM ( in Person and Telephone )
  • Saturday/Sundays: Closed

Consultation cost

  • Consultations $125.00 (In person or telephone)


  • a) Consultations will be answered by an Attorney of Angel Leal Law Firm.
  • b) Consultation are not refundable.
  • c) Answers to your questions will be based on the law and not in customer satisfaction.
  • d) You must be aware of your phone once you place a consultation order.